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Quick Tips

  • Registration form must be completed before you can use the Customer Portal
  • Although the registration form is limited to five classes, you can enroll for more once registration is complete and you make a Jackrabbit Customer Portal login.
  • Complete your registration form, and choose your first five classes.
    To sign up for more classes, create your Customer Portal login with the directions below.

How to set up your Customer Portal

  • Click on “Customer Portal Login”
  • Enter email address as your login ID
  • Select the “I DON’T KNOW MY PASSWORD” link
  • You will be sent an email with a temporary password to utilize online registration and information. We encourage you to change your temporary password to a personal password after your initial login
  • For further information on how to set up and use your Customer Portal Login, please watch the video below
  • If you ever need help with your account or logging in to the Parent Portal, please call the Front Desk at 816-822-0144
Need help figuring out the Jackrabbit Portal? Watch this video.